Mark Goldenberg

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Mark Goldenberg is an Israeli fashion designer who currently resides in Tel-aviv. He graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering, art and Design, Israel in 2011.
 Mark Goldenberg's graduate collection is called "WOVEN BIRD",

 His research on birds and their flight process, introduced him to the work of artist Naum Gabo who is known for his wire sculptures that often seem like the wings of a bird. 

In his work he used fine metal rods, on which wool and cotton yarns stretched in a circular motion. The colors he used expresses the color distribution of an exotic bird wing.

 All the garments are woven, some by hand over delicate wire constructions, some on a home loom, and some crudely woven strips of fabric over "bones".


Mark Goldenberg diseñador Israelí, que actualmente reside en Tel-aviv. Se graduó en la prestigiosa Shenkar College of Engineering en Arte y Diseño.

Esta es su colección de graduacción "Woven Bird".

Se inspiró en el vuelo de los los pájaros y en las esculturas del artista  Naum Gabo.

Todas sus piezas están tejidas a mano, son auténticas obras de arte.

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